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APEX Pre-Employment Screening Services is committed to building long term

 relationships and implementing successful and tailored strategies to support the pre-employment screening requirements of our clients.  We realize that every company’s screening needs differ.  By working closely with our clients and listening to their individual needs, we can customize services to suit the specific needs of each company empowering our clients to make informed decisions prior to hiring.   

“Their past is your future.” 

Don't be fooled by a pleasant appearance or even a professional looking resume.  It is very rare that an applicant will offer up any information that could jeopardize his or her chance for a position.  In fact, studies have shown that over 70% of all application forms contain some kind of inaccuracies, omissions or embellishments when it comes to reporting past experience, ability to perform on the job, education or reason for leaving a past employment.

"Violence in the workplace is a growing concern"

A recent report, which examined incidents of workplace assaults and sexual harassment, rated Canada as having one of the highest occurrences in the world. The cost of employee absenteeism, a recognized by-product of workplace violence is costing companies in upwards of $3,500 per employee per year. Violence in the work place also reduces employee morale causing productivity levels to suffer and good employees to seek employment elsewhere.  

"Dramatically Reduce Your Recruitment Costs By Eliminating The Cost Of A Bad Hire "

Not only does pre-employment screening demonstrate due diligence, it also aids companies in promoting a safer and more profitable workplace. By weeding out applicants with a history of violence or other inappropriate behavioral patterns before they are hired, companies will be able to dramatically reduce the cost of recruiting and training to replace bad hires, boost employee morale and productivity and provide employees with peace of mind in the knowledge that their employers are taking every measure possible to ensure a safer work place.